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End Mass Incarceration Event at Riverside Church

Angela Davis and Michelle Alexander take part in a panel discussion on the issue of mass incarceration at Riverside Church in New York City on September 14, 2012.  They answer the questions of, what is the problem of mass incarceration and what does it say about the United States society?

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Attica is All of Us - Video From Event


The niggerazation of America...courage is in short supply...a spineless Democratic Party...poverty and truth telling...the counter revolution is winning." Cornel West discusses Attica, its history, and the current state of affairs in the United States.

Amiri Baraka recites his famous and controversial poem on 9/11, entitled, Somebody Blew Up America.

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, asks a panel to respond to what were loud cheers heard in support of the Death penalty at the September 7, 2011 Republican debate on MSNBC.  Joseph "Jazz" Hayden responds to the question asking how does a "Christian Nation" who follows Christ support the death penalty, which is the same thing used to crucify Jesus.

Dhoruba Al-Mujahid Bin-Wahad explains that we live in a police state.
He addresses the importance of recognizing that we live in a police state and that we need to decentralize public safety of public safety. Also that we need community control of our communities.

Al Sharpton Vs. Cornel West - Heated Debate Over President Obama

Whats Your Critique of President Obama So Far?

Things got a little heated on MSNBC's show focusing on, The Black Agenda.


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