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Entries in ny1 (2) footage used during Stop & Frisk Debate on NY1

Glenn Martin discussing Stop & Frisk

This past Thursday, May 17, video footage from's was used during a debate on Stop & Frisk on NY1 show Inside City Hall.

NY1 -  With the New York City Police Department already on pace to break last year's record for the number of New Yorkers stopped and frisked, Inside City Hall’s Errol Louis debated the pros and cons of the procedure with Glenn Martin, the Vice President of Development and Public Affairs for The Fortune Society and Heather Mac Donald, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

Jazz and footage from Allthingsharlem's Copwatch appear On NY1 story

Group Vows To Highlight NYPD Misconduct In 2013 Mayoral Race

NY1 - Concerns of police misconduct and excessive ticketing may become an election day issue as members of the Urban Justice Center begin a new campaign aimed at reforming the way officers interact with the public. NY1's Dean Meminger filed the following report.

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